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Quality Healthcare Drives Positive Outcomes

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  • The questions are unobtrusive, i.e. like a friend asking a question (nonjudgmental).
  • Questions are random – no set pattern from the user’s perspective.
  • The user’s answers are kept private.
  • The user can answer the questions at their own pace and location.


  • The answers provided feed into an algorithm based on the current evidence and healthcare recommendations.


  • The app educates the user on issues identified.
  • The app engages the user and makes the user a partner in their healthcare.
  • Able to send individualized scannable codes to populate user’s smart device on when and where to get specific services.


  • The app identifies issues sooner rather than later.


  • The application utilizes the patient’s location and time to send service recommendations and notifications.
    • Example: confirm BMI while in your primary care provider’s office or during flu season while in a retail pharmacy to inquire about getting a flu vaccine.


  • Age, sex will trigger specific health recommendations.