Olusegun Ishmael, MD, MBA

Segun is a senior medical executive with close to 30 years of healthcare experience from academia, clinical (primary and emergency care), insurance, to healthcare technology. He is a proven leader with outstanding interpersonal skills that are used to attract and retain talent, foster partnerships with community stakeholders, and liaise with key partners. He is passionate about converting ideas into workable solutions to create an environment that supports innovation in a changing healthcare landscape.

Healthyworks is his vision that every individual should be given the tools to determine their health outcome. Today we have the technology to put in every individual’s hand the resource to assess their health risks; recommend the necessary health tests/screening; and provide reminders and locations for these tests/screenings. The tool should be able to also remind the user when to take their medications, when refills are due and triggers when the user is near their pharmacy.

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